Matafanga Adventist Primary & Special Needs School is going International! Using recently updated/revised teaching methods and aiming for more international standards, this school is now on the verge of going into Secondary Education. For 6 years now our Year 8 Leavers have taken national exams with a 100% pass rate for all students every year. The school has a reputation in the community for high academic standards, good character training, a strong spiritual focus, and also practical education. Many students have been baptised and the school's opportunities to witness are opening up more and more.

If you are looking for a giving opportunity, this school urgently needs:

New Classroom
At the moment we are using a staff house for a classroom. Another thatched building made from bush materials is being used for a classroom also. We urgently need funds to build a new classroom.
❖ Estimated Funds Need is: $22,000 for Building Materials.

Staff Housing
4 Staff Houses
❖ Estimated Funds Needed: $10,000 Each X4 for Building Materials.

4-6 Wheeler ATV
4 or 6 Wheel All-Terrain Vehicle Needed for School & Medical Work.
❖ Needed Used Vehicle/Estimated Purchase Cost: $5-15,000.

Looking for a Giving Opportunity?

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Australian Donors Can Also Contact Us in Person for Local Fund Transfer or Shipping Options.